Social Security Attorney in Kingsport, TN

When you’re unable to work, securing Social Security benefits can be a difficult and frustrating process. Without the help of an attorney, your chances of succeeding are relatively slim. There are a lot of forms involved throughout the process and it’s easy for an inexperienced person to lose track of which ones are due when. Todd East is an experienced Social Security attorney; he’s gone through this process many times with many different clients, so he understands the process and knows how to make sure you’re prepared to make your claim.

Preparation is one of the biggest indicators of success when claiming Social Security benefits. From the initial application to gathering medical evidence, attending hearings, arranging witnesses, drafting briefs, cross-examining the medical expert, preparing you for the Administrative Law Judge’s questions, and more, we can take on a lot of the work needed to secure your benefits. We may even find that you are entitled to more benefits, including things like disability back pay and out-of-pocket costs.

If you need Social Security benefits, don’t gamble with your chance of success. Contact Todd East Attorney at Law by calling (423) 246-3278. We’ll evaluate your case and prepare you to move forward.