Personal Injury Lawyer in Bristol, TN

If you’ve been injured physically or emotionally, you need an experienced professional by your side.

Todd East, Attorney at Law, is a seasoned personal injury attorney who has worked in the Kingsport, TN area for nearly 30 years. He has proudly represented hundreds of clients with many different legal needs.

Skilled, Local Legal Services

As a personal injury attorney, Todd East represents clients injured in accidents such as car accidents and workplace accidents. These clients were not responsible for their injuries, and now they have to live with the pain of recovery. They may need money to pay medical bills as well as costs of daily living. They may even be unable to work in their chosen profession.

From the first consultation, Todd East works as your voice and your advocate. He gathers evidence, provides legal advice, files complaints, and negotiates with responsible parties. In many cases, he can settle the case out of court, but he will argue your case in court if necessary.

Along with personal injury in Bristol, TN, Todd East can also handle cases involving:

  • Disability
  • Licensing
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wills
  • Wrongful death

Whether you’re preparing your will or seeking Social Security benefits, personal injury lawyer Todd East is here to help. His many years of experience with Bristol, TN law are his guide as he fights for you and your case.

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Opening a legal case is no easy task, so you need to be armed with all the information you can get. Fortunately, we don’t charge anything for your first consultation, whether it’s over the phone or in our office. Plus, we represent clients throughout the greater Kingsport, TN area.

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