Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Bristol, TN

Far too often, motorcyclists are the victims of careless drivers. It’s very common for injuries in a motorcycle accident to be more severe than other vehicular car crashes, leading to greater financial demands for your recovery and care. Since the at-fault driver’s insurance company is the one who will foot the bill, they often take advantage of these pressing medical concerns by offering a quick settlement for far less than you deserve or need.

When you put the experience of Todd East Attorney at Law on your side, our motorcycle accident lawyer in Kingsport, TN can help you handle the complexity of pursuing medical treatment while negotiating and fighting for a fair payout. Our legal background can help reduce the pressure you face from billing departments, medical offices, and the other driver’s insurance company. You don’t have to put your treatment on hold while you wait for a settlement.

We’ll evaluate all areas of your case. Depending on the severity of your injuries and treatment needs, we’ll factor in lost wages; past, present, and future medical bills; mental anguish; disabilities and disfigurement, and more. We understand how your accident can impact your life in more than one area, so we’ll fight for compensation that address all of them. Call our attorney today at (423) 246-3278 to discuss your injuries and schedule a consultation.